Fashion Style And Trend

In ancient time, clothing was just a simple need of every people. All they ever needed was a piece of clothing to cover and protect themselves from the weather the Mother Nature had to offer. But as the time have changed the simple need of the human being has replaced into designer clothes. It attract people from all ages regardless of their social status or gender. Thus Fashion trends hold great importance.

In this day and age, wearing modish clothes enhance the self-confidence among the young generation. This trend has now compulsory for human being of every metropolitan city. In addition, it is a artistic expression of every designer that we follow today. Through fashion we become more presentable. In survey, there is a better chance to get a job if you dress well. Even someone doesn’t have good apparance can get a suitable suit by dressing well its like blessing for them.


Moreover, fashion increase the Human-Self-Esteem. With the help of fashion we remain up to date. Pursuing fashionable trend is directly relate to people social status and their wealth. Therefore, human get a special place in society. In this compititive world only updated people can win smoothly so its like blessing for everyone.

We can elaborate the benefits of adapting fashion as below:

Freedom Of Expression: Fashion gives freedom to express your mood, feeling and attitude. One gets freedom to decorate his or her wardrobe according to his or her choice. You are free to wear what to you want.

Popularity: One can easily become popular in his or her society with the its help. Fashionable items are the most popular things one should have nowsaday. Infact it has become famous topic discussed on Television, magazines, punjabi embroidered suits and newspaper. With the popularity of Fashion, it can influence many masses.

Opportunity: One can build many careers by pursuing Fashion degree. People who are interested in being the front of camera, behind of camera and want to styling the garments for them fashion industry open many doors.

Inspiration: Fashion encourage you to look good and trendy in this emerging fashion era. It also influence you to be creative and build a fantastic career in this field. It stimulate students to get more knowledge of this stream by attending schools and turn your dreams into reality.

Connected: Our world is huge and we can see diversity and different culture in it. But fashion is the language that connect human beings whole over the world because it travels from one city to the next.

Trends: There is only one word for trend that is “Endless”. Trend come from the designer’s mind, they give ultimate shapes to clothes which later on become trend for everyone.

New Designs: Fashion industry blessed us with many new designs. Fashion is unpredictable, so many people get employment opportunity to explore their ideas. If human body is a temple then we should decorate its wall with mesmeric clothes.

Attraction: One can easily become attractive by wearing fashionable salwar suits.

If we look at the dark side of modish world then it is obvious that fashion is a changeable trend if we look at its nature. Consequently, blindly following this habit cost so much and it is kind of wasting people’s money and time. Human allocate half of their income on clothes rather than saving it for their rainy days. Moreover, it should be understand clearly that the main purpose of wearing clothes is to protecting our body from different all season instead of showing off.

Negative effects are as following:

Copycat: In fashion industry copying the designs of other has now started. Some sell the same design at lower cost of other at full price.

Negative Influence: It left an image that the only tall and skinny women are trendy in this era. Because of this negative impact women starts dangerous diets that affect their whole body.

Materialistic: Fashion prominence on appearance and pressurised the young people to have all trendy. It teaches the people that all the clothes and materialistic items are necessary things for today. So it gives wrong lesson to human being that self personality is nothing, fashion is everything.

Moral Values: Fashion never inculcate ethics. Every new trend is advertised in such manner that no one can avoid it. They don’t bother whether its moral or immoral.

Economical: People discard old clothes just because of that they are outdated. They buy new clothes instead of wearable old one.

Fads of Fashion: Some fashion-trends are fads by nature it means they have short life time. Some people get trapped in fashion fad and their clothes become obsolete after a specified time.

Fashion Victims: Youngster adapt fashion without thinking it looks good with them or not. They slavishly follow it.

In sum, we can say that people should achieve a balance regarding how fashionable to be. We should follow it up to some extent through this people feel good. One should look at their monthly budget before spending on it. Only by balancing we ensure that we will live in a beautiful and healthy world.

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