Whatsapp Videos as Stress Buster

In present scenario life get sucked in daily husle bustle. Too much hectic schedule of the people make them irritating and short tempered, to entertain themselves they use the helping hand of social media, social networking sites like facebook, twitter or they use some instant messaging apps like messenger, viber, wechat and one of the most famous app WHATSAPP.

WhatsApp the key of entertainment was founded by two legends, Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Whatsapp is compatible with almost all operating systems like Android, Window Phone, IOS, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry os, Windows Phone, Nokia Series, Symbian and so on. Whatsapp users are increasing exponentially each year.Where people use fzmovies whatsapp for doing instant messaging at one hand, on the other hand sharing videos has now become popular rapidly.

If we talk about Whatsapp video, it itself is a complete word. In my point of view what you want to see in motion comes in the form of video. So rather than doing text all time people nowsday spend their time in sharing videos to their closest one and their friend, relatives and many more.

Now question arise what kind of video people like to share in present scenerio. Whatsapp support all kinds of video but depends on time limit or size, majorly it is advantage long videos become boresome. If we analyse the type of videos which are sharing like fire in the forest of WHATSAPP comes under different categories which also categorized on the base of age groups. for instance senior citizens like to share religious videos that give peace to their mind and sipirt as well. Lets move to the next age group of middle aged person they used to share videos which give soothing affect to them for instance funny videos, meditation videos and many more. The third age group is youngster they usually spend their almost time on social networking site i.e. whatsapp they share videos of relating to their study, songs, funny movies dialogs,motivational videos and so on. By sharing Inspirational videos they can boost their friends as well as their morals and by sharing rest of the videos they entertained themselves.

What are you thingking now? just pick your phone/tab. and start sharing videos on whatsapp.

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